Family Tours

Wadi Rum is also an amazing experience for children. Great moments, unforgettable impressions, beautiful landscapes and fascinating sunsets. In addition, tasty cuisine and nice people. Check what we have prepared for you and plan your dream vacation with children today. Of course a few things have to be considered, but in general it is no problem to arrange tours that are suitable for families.

Camel Rides: Children up to the age of two years can ride on a camel in  front of one of his/her parents for two hours maximum.  Quite frankly, this supposes that the parent does not take up all the place on the saddle! If so, you should bring a “child bag” so that the child can ride on your back.

Jeep Tours: One possibility would be to take your children on a jeep tour. Usually you’ll also get a discount for the smaller ones. We always enjoy having children with us, but please consider that you as parents have full responsibility for them and have to look after them at all times.

Children from the age of 8 years onwards can ride their own camel on a leading rein for one day. We do not advise more than about 4 hours in the saddle and we also advise against more than one day, however enthusiastic the child may be.

Camel rides: For Children with an own camel it will be the full price as well.

These descriptions are very general, which is why we see what we can do for you when you are here.

Hiking: You have to consider that our hiking tours are especially because of the heat very exhausting. The sun is out most of the day and the temperature lies usually between 28C and 35C. In addition to that we usually find ourselves far away from any vehicle. Hiking out in the hot weather all day should not be underestimated. The conditions are harder than most of our guests are used to, and it is not surprising that children tire more quickly here than at home.
Please note that we cannot accept children younger than 12 years old for hiking out in the desert for two or three hours at a time. We would recommend families the program “Small  Three Bridges” , which is designed for those who are unsure about how much they  want to walk, and the vehicle is within reach for the whole time. For this hiking programme we also accept younger children.
Our guides are always happy to help you out, but they  must remain free and unencumbered in order to be able to react quickly in an  emergency. For that reason they can not carry a small child while climbing.

Scrambling in the  mountains: We do not recommend any program involving the mountains for children younger than 14 years old and refer here to the simpler scrambles. More difficult  scrambles, such as the Rakebat Canyon, should not be attempted by  children under the age of 16 because it is more difficult than it appears at  first sight.

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