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Excursions and overnight in Wadi Rum - Jordan

Wadi Rum Travel Offers you a memorable experience in the desert. Our visitors will be able to discover both breathtaking viewpoints and Bedouin culture. Our guided tours by jeep, camel or hiking with overnight bivouac, are the ideal way to escape the modern world and admire the still wild beauty of the desert. Our small team is experienced, local and family-run. She will be delighted to welcome you as only Bedouins know how to do. Our private and isolated bivouac sites are located in the protected area of Wadi Rum, away from any construction. At night, it is a place of absolute tranquility under a sky filled with thousands of stars.

Our all-inclusive excursions
+ night packages

24-hour stay with jeep tour

60 JOD

Included : all meals, transportationjeep day trip, overnight in the desert . 1 guide

Price per person for minimum 2 people. Discount for groups and children

24-hour stay with camel excursion

85 JOD

Included : all meals, transportation, day trip on the back of camel and overnight in the desert.

24-hour stay with hiking tour

60 JOD

Included : all meals, transportationguided day hike and overnight in the desert.

Price with one or two guides

Guided tours of the desert by jeep, hiking, by camel

Wadi Rum Travel offers an enriching way to experience the desert. Our excursions and bivouac in Wadi Rum will give you the opportunity to visit these emblematic places and observe the life of the Bedouins. A full day of exploration in the magnificent desert awaits you. Or several, there is so much to see. Discover the classic sites of the protected area, climb the sand dunes, discover the thousand-year-old rock inscriptions, the natural arches as well as the most beautiful viewpoints and sunsets. Did you enjoy the films Dune, Star Wars, Alone on Mars? This is where they were filmed!

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