Wadi Rum Tours, which trip should I choose?

September 12, 2021
September 12, 2021 Beduin Guide

Wadi Rum Tours, which trip should I choose?

A wide range of desert tours for all budgets. One day excursions and packages.

When you first encounter the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, you will immediately notice how much there is to see here. At first glance, it seems that there is only the ubiquitous sand and rocks here, nothing could be more wrong. When you delve deeper into the possibilities of exploring this fantastic world, you will understand why the offer of local tourist offices is so rich. The desert can be explored in various ways and it is only up to you which one you choose. Sightseeing in an off-road car will prove to be the most convenient form of sightseeing, a trip on a camel’s back will be by far the most exotic form of sightseeing, and during the trekking you will certainly get to know the world around you in more detail.

A package or a one day trip?

Decide for yourself which option is perfect for you and your budget.

The basic question is, do you want the Bedouin to organize your entire stay for you, or do you prefer an economic and more modest version of the desert adventure.


Everything included: Desert Camp Accomodation / Sleep undet the Stars & All meals & Tour

This is the first and fundamental question you should ask yourself. The undoubted advantage of choosing a package are all the options it contains. The package includes accommodation, meals and a desert tour. Bedouins, because they will be your guides, will take care of everything and will take care of you throughout your stay. You don’t have to worry about anything, everything will be ready for your arrival.The option to choose a package will be the most profitable for a group or for a family with children. Where the organization of the various elements of the journey can be complicated. Leave the entire organization of the trip to the Bedouins, they are professionals in the subject of the desert. They will be happy to meet your expectations.

Our most popular all-inclusive package option. By choosing this package, you will receive accommodation in a desert camp, all meals included, a trip by jeep (7 h).

Bivouac camping package option, by choosing this package, you will sleep under the stars, all meals included and tour by jeep or camel or hiking.

The most popular package for families with children, you have peace of mind by choosing it. We will provide special attractions for children.

One Day Tours

Choose the most economical option that meets your expectations.

The second option is definitely more flexible and economical, it only includes sightseeing. You can visit an off-road car in the option of 2,4 and 7 hours. The 7 hour sightseeing option always includes lunch. Another economical sightseeing option is trekking, you can visit with a guide or alone, we will organize transport and explain the route to you, and we will provide you with provisions. The last, slightly less economical but definitely more exotic form of sightseeing will be a camel trip, here you have short and long journeys, sunrises and sunsets at your disposal. We definitely recommend it.

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