Wadi Rum desert. Guide and practical information.

September 6, 2021
September 6, 2021 Beduin Guide

Wadi Rum desert. Guide and practical information.

The most beautiful place in Jordan, unusually benevolent people of the desert.

A large proportion of travelers visit this area for a day or even several hours. However, it is worth considering stopping in one of the Bedouin camps in the desert for even one night. The entire area of ​​the Wadi Rum desert is an area protected by the Kingdom. Everything that we encounter outside the village, which is the gate to the desert, are temporary structures that can be dismantled at any time and taken away or transported elsewhere. We have many options for camping at night – from really simple to extremely luxurious. In addition to tents with an area of ​​several dozen meters, the camp offers two more things that will be appreciated by every demanding tourist – great cuisine in the restaurant and no wifi and no mobile phone coverage within a radius of several kilometers. Rest and mental regeneration guaranteed.

Three ways to get there website: organized tour, contact the driver or your own hired way. Everyone, regardless of how we get to the place at the beginning, at the place to be picked up, the Visitor’s Center. Admission to Wadi Rum is strictly controlled. Any ride in the form of a car or camel must be near the Visitor Center (12 JD).

A few kilometers away, after crossing the gate of the tourist center, you reach the village of Rum, which is the main point from which all activities in the desert are carried out. This is the last place before going to the desert, where we can replenish our supplies of food and drink, and eat something before we spend the whole day in the field and have dinner in one of the camps in the Wadi Rum desert.

It would seem that the main way to see the desert is by a camel, but despite the constant love of man for this animal, Bedouins love their Toyota just as much. The excursions offered to tourists are generally about 4 hours by car in the most beautiful parts of the desert in the immediate vicinity of the village of Rum.

What does a typical visit to the Wadi Rum desert look like?

Unique, effectively hidden treasure.

  • A quick panorama of the area from the top of the Visitor Center.

  • A few minutes in Rum village to shop for supplies, grab a bite to eat and choose how to get around the desert (camel or jeep).

  • Lawrence’s Spring: The first stop for tourists, especially those who care about anything related to the protagonist.

  • Al Hasany Dunes: One of the desert’s most spectacular place.

  • Get out on one of the stone bridges in the desert.

  • Transfer to the camp for the evening – dinner and contemplation. For those who are bored with long evenings and looking for some entertainment (a topic quite limited in this area), it is worth mentioning that the deserts offer some of the best views of the stars.

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