What you should know before you go on a camel ride tour

August 21, 2019
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August 21, 2019 Beduin Guide

What you should know before you go on a camel ride tour

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What you should know before you go on a camel ride tour

Some people think of camels as gentle, charming giants. Others call them desert demons. Either way they have got a great sense of humour. And appreciate serious love and attention. If you have time it is a great idea to ride the camel for a day to explore Wadi Rum desert. To be well prepared for this unique experience we share some useful information with you in this blog.

#1 How to prepare yourself for the camel ride?

Dress comfortably and protect yourself from the harsh sun and the blowing sand. Wearing loose, long sleeves is the best way to do this. Clothes that are light-weight and light-coloured are most suited. Sandals and trainers are suitable footwear. Wear socks to protect yourself from itchiness. Further it is important to protect your head. Bring a hat or headscarf. And bring sunglasses to protect your eyes for radiation. And last but not least don’t forget to use sun crème.

If you want to take stuff with you the safest way to store it is using a backpack. Make sure your pockets are empty. And strap your camera to prevent it from falling.

#2 Can you trek without exercise?

Riding a camel is suitable for all people. And it is compatible like riding a horse. Short camel rides hardly ever give physical problems. People who go on a full day camel ride can experience muscle pains. You will discover you have muscles you forgot about. Although it can be uncomfortable, it will be gone in a few day at the most.

Remember that camels can sense that their passengers feel uncomfortable. So the biggest favour you can do yourself and your camel is remaining relaxed. Once you start riding move forward and backward against the camel’s movement. You can let your legs hang loose on the sides. Or you put one leg around the handle to the other side. If you feel uncomfortable just move a little bit to find yourself a more comfortable position. In case you keep feeling uncomfortable ask your guide to assist you.

#3 How to ride a camel?

The biggest favour you can do yourself is being relaxed. Your guide will make sure the camel is crouched on the ground. He will assist you to mount your camel. Get a hold of the handle and swing your leg over the saddle to the other side. Keep hold of the handle as the guide will let the camel lurch upwards. The camel will get up from its back legs first. So lean back in your saddle and hold on to the handle. Next the camel will raise its front legs. Lean forwards as he does this.

Don’t worry about falling off. Although it may seem easy to fall off, it is not. Camels are built for this job. Still at first it is a good idea to hold on to the handle. Once you get used to the movement you can let go of the handle.

Once you arrive at your destination the guide will assist you dismounting your camel. Which is kind of the same as mounting the camel.

#4 What to do when your camel likes to nibble or sneeze?

Sometimes your camel likes to nibble, sneeze and occasionally blow a big bubble of foam. Therefor it is a good idea to always stand aside of your camel. This way you and your camel will be fine at all times. And you can enjoy your time with this beautiful creature.

If you are interested in a camel ride adventure, we offer an 1 day Wadi Rum camel ride and a 2 day Wadi Rum camel ride. In case you have any question, please let us know.

See you in Wadi Rum desert.

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