A Night in the Desert

August 25, 2019
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August 25, 2019 Beduin Guide

A Night in the Desert

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A Night in the Desert – What to Expect at our Cave


What To Expect


A typical overnight desert experience starts in the morning in Wadi Rum Village where you’ll meet your guide. You’ll then set off through the desert, visiting the important landmarks and viewpoints. For sunset you will arrive at the cave. Our desert cave is located in a sheltered, elevated area tucked beneath the sandstone rock formation. It provides uninterrupted views of the desert valley below – the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunset behind the red desert mountains.

The guide will start the fire and prepare your dinner, cooked in our underground bbq or over the fire. Dinner usually consists of chicken, vegetables, rice, salads and bread. The rest of the evening is spent around the fire, drinking bedouin tea, singing songs, sharing stories and gazing up at the incredible night sky. Wake up early to watch the sunrise light up the valley below. Enjoy a quick breakfast before heading out into the desert for another adventure, or return to Wadi Rum Village to continue your travels. Our camping experience is a chance to escape the modern world, unplug, unwind and admire the wild beauty of the desert.

We prepare all the equipment you will need for sleeping, we lay down a carpet, and provide mattresses, pillows and blankets. As this is true wild camping there are no toilet facilities available, here you have to find private place to do your business, we ask you bury your waste and to burn or remove any paper you use. The desert is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way. We have water for washing your hands, face and brushing teeth etc. Bottled Water is provided for drinking.

Desert Fox


One of the nocturnal creatures you may see while sleeping in our cave is the Arabian Red Fox. It is native to Arabia and has adapted to life in the desert. Its body is small, ears are large, and have a long tail . It also has fur between its toes, to prevent burning of the feet. They spend most of their day in an underground burrow avoiding the desert heat. They emerge from their dens at dusk to begin the search for food. After sunrise, you’ll be able to see footprints pepp


Helpful Tips For Desert Camping


Consider the time of year: Temperatures in Wadi Rum can vary throughout the year, so it’s good to check the weather before you go. The best time of the year to visit Wadi Rum is in spring between March and May, or in autumn between September and November. During these times the weather isn’t too hot during the day and the weather at night is comfortable. In the winter, the desert can get cold at night and be prepared for warm nights in the summer.

Pack well:

  • Overnight bag for change of clothes and valuables. You can leave your large suitcase at our home.

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, scarf and/or hat. During the day these are essential in the desert.

  • Comfortable shoes or sandals for exploring the area.

  • Pack layers. Since the temperatures can vary between day and night. In winter we recommend bringing warm layers – warm socks and a jumper

  • Toiletries

  • Camera and electronics. Sand gets everywhere so watch out when you bring your electronics to the desert.

  • Torch

  • Toilet paper, wipes and hand sanitiser. As this is a true desert experience, toilet facilities are not available at the cave.

  • Sleeping bag. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag. For our trekking trips we encourage you to bring a sleeping bag.

Photography: If you plan to do long exposure night photography or photos of the sunset or sunrise, don’t forget to bring your tripod and extra batteries. The lack of light pollution in the desert makes Wadi Rum the perfect location for stargazing and astrophotography.

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