How to organize a trip to the desert?

November 4, 2021
November 4, 2021 Beduin Guide

How to organize a trip to the desert?

Plan your adventure well, or outsource it to local Bedouins.

The Wadi Rum desert is one of the most beautiful in the world. Famous for its red sand and unusual rock formations, it has delighted many directors who have used its scenery to make their films. Wadi Rum served as the set design for the films Lawrence of Arabia, The Red Planet, Rogue One – Star Wars or the famous Martian. This is also why it is so eagerly visited by tourists.

It is impossible to move around the Wadi Rum desert other than by a four-wheel drive jeep. You can try to rent a car yourself, but in this case navigating the desert can be quite difficult. The best solution is to rent a car with a driver. This can be done in advance, online or on site, at Wadi Rum Village. Once we get to Wadi Rum Village, you can leave your car in the free parking lot. Near it there are Bedouins who offer jeep trips, and if we want, also accommodation in camps in the desert. The standards of such camps are usually similar, but if we expect more luxuries, it is better to book your stay in advance. The price of the trip usually includes meals and drinks.

As the four of us traveled, we didn’t have to join any group. We opted for the option of 2 days and 1 nights in the desert and it cost us 90 JOD per person (guided jeep at our disposal, meals and accommodation). On the first day we wanted to visit the most interesting places in the Wadi Rum desert, and on the second day we wanted to climb Jordan’s highest mountain – Jabal Umm Ad Dami.

What to see in the Wadi Rum desert?

There are many attractions in the desert, get ready for unforgettable sunsets.

Most operators offer the same routes and it’s hard to negotiate. We chose the places we wanted to go to and presented them to potential guides when negotiating the price. None of them questioned our plan until it came to implementation. Already during the tour, it turned out that our guide could not take us to the Burdah Bridge, even though he had previously agreed to our plan. At first he explained it with too much distance, later he stated that it was not his “region” and he could not take us there. We were a bit angry because he didn’t tell us right away. However, neither requests nor threats helped, we had to adjust. Finally, while visiting Wadi Rum, we saw:

Al Hasany Dunes

Al Hasany dunes are among the most beautiful in the entire Wadi Rum desert.

Al Hasany dunes are among the most beautiful in the entire Wadi Rum desert. Mainly because the sand here has a beautiful red color. Thanks to this, the landscape resembles the Martian one – and it was the Wadi Rum desert that inspired the scenographers of the famous “Martian” starring Matt Damon! The beautiful orange-reddish sand also attracts sports enthusiasts

Lawrence Spring

Lawrence Spring, a spring named after a cult figure: Lawrence from Arabia.

Lawrence Spring, a spring named after a cult figure: Lawrence from Arabia – British archaeologist, traveler, military, writer and diplomat. It is located near Wadi Rum Village and is basically the first stop on most tours. The spring in question is a tiny pond located on a hill with a waterhole at its feet. Near the spring there is a very pleasant smell of wild mint bushes. The place may not be very interesting, but from the top there is a nice view of the desert.

Khazali Siq

Khazali Gorge is definitely one of the nicer places in the Wadi Rum desert.

However, you can easily enter only about 150 meters into the gorge. Later, we saw a steep wall, which you could probably try to climb (ropes would be useful), but if the attempt failed, the daredevil would fall into a hole at the foot of the wall, flooded with dirty water (it was hard to tell its depth), which was full of disgusting insects. On the walls of the ravine, you can see various inscriptions of the Nabataeans – a people who inhabited the desert even several thousand years ago.

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock is a rock formation.

Mushroom Rock is a rock formation which, as the name suggests, resembles a mushroom in its shape. It is worth staying longer in the vicinity of Mushroom Rock, because there are some really nice places in the area.

Barrah Canyon

One of the most visited canyons in Wadi Rum.

The next place on our list was the Barrah Canyon. Although it is theoretically one of the most visited canyons in Wadi Rum, we did not meet anyone there. The entire canyon is approx. 5 km long. Our driver-guide drove us there, dropped us off and left, saying he would be waiting on the other side. It took us a little over an hour to walk through the canyon, among the interesting scenery of high and steep canyon walls.

Lawrence’s House

Lawrence’s house is actually the remains of a few walls of the building.

Lawrence’s house is actually the remains of a few walls from the building where, according to legend, the aforementioned Lawrence stayed during the war. Although the building itself is not very attractive, it is worth visiting this place, because above it rises a hill from which you can admire the landscape of the desert.

Um Fruth Rock Bridge

This is one of the most popular places in Wadi Rum.

The rock bridge “Um Fruth” is one of the most popular places in Wadi Rum, and thus one of the most crowded. In order to climb it and make a place at the top, you even have to line up in a long line. And although there are plenty of Instagram photo enthusiasts, it is difficult to take a good photo in such a way as to capture the rock bridge and the “model” standing on it. Nevertheless, putting a foot on the top of the post gives some satisfaction

A night at a camp in the Wadi Rum desert

One of the most fascinating nights of my life.

We went to a camp in the desert for the night. Although “real” Bedouins still live in Wadi Rum, the camps are built mainly with tourists in mind. Our camp consisted of several sleeping tents, a large tent that served as a dining room, and a building with a bathroom. The bathroom (co-ed!) With a few toilets and showers may not have been luxurious but there was nothing to complain about either. The sleeping tents actually only had a bed, although to be honest, nothing else was needed. Dinner was served after sunset in the main tent. It consisted of several dishes, served in the form of a buffet, as well as a delicious mint tea. For “dessert”, a shisha – a traditional water pipe – was served. After dinner, we expected some Bedouin stories by the fire, but as it turned out our hosts were not very talkative. Well, what was an extraordinary experience for us was everyday life for them. And answering the same questions from tourists every day must be tiring. After dinner, warmly dressed (the nights in the desert can be cold even in summer), we left the camp to admire the stars. Away from the city lights, the view was really impressive!

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