Hiking Tour to Jebel Umm ad Dami

November 21, 2021
November 21, 2021 Beduin Guide

Trekking with camels through the Wadi Rum desert.

Meet the fantastic animals that are the camel.

We invite you to Jordan for a camel trekking through the Wadi Rum desert – full of wide wadi (valleys), narrow gorges, massive rocks towering over the sands. During the trip, we will encounter sand dunes, multi-colored sands, and weathering rock forms that create lunar landscapes. We will meet Bedouins – nomad shepherds of camels and sheep, all the time managing the desert areas, leading a nomadic lifestyle. It is them who will be our guides, and camels traveling companions, transporting our equipment or ourselves. We will learn how to produce soap from desert plants , which are healing herbs , we will try to bathe in the springs where Lawrence of Arabia used to bathe , but most of all, for a few days we will completely take a break from the hustle and bustle of civilization, noise, crowd and rush.

Jordan's highest peak - Jebel Umm ad Dami

There are many attractions in the desert, get ready for unforgettable sunsets.

From the Wadi Rum Protected Area, we will head south towards the most beautiful valley in the desert – Wadi Saabit , to reach Jordan’s highest peak – Jebel Umm ad Dami . We will go back another way to get to know even more corners of the desert. We will sleep under the stars or in tents , by a fire, in cozy places sheltered from the wind. Days spent in the rhythm determined by the sun await us.

Hiking Tour to Jebel Umm ad Dami

Get ready for stunning scenery on this tour.

Start of trekking. The first part of the trekking is going through the Wadi Rum Protected Area . The further south we go, the farther we are from the village of Rum and the desert’s most popular tourist attractions. Our goal is Jabal Al Hash , and the beautiful vast valley of Wadi Saabit , from which it is only a stone’s throw to the highest peak in Jordan. Each time we will sleep in the desert on blankets under the stars or in tents, in places chosen by Bedouins, in natural rock depressions sheltered from the wind. We spend our evenings by the fire under the sky dotted with stars, resting, talking to the Bedouins.

On this day we will reach the highest peak in Jordan – Jabal Umm ad Dami (1854 m). Climbing lightly and descending the summit will take us 3-5 hours. No climbing skills are required to enter. Jabal Umm ad Dami is built of sandstone with a rock rubble at the top. The elevation gain is less than 500 m, and the round-trip distance is less than 3 km.

leave the foothills of Jebel Umm Ad Dami and head back north towards the village of Rum . However, we will be returning by a different route to get to know even more corners of the desert, and maybe meet the Bedouin nomads , of whom there are only a few left. They still lead a traditional way of life, look after camels, take care of the animals and move around the camp from place to place several times a year.

Everything you need to know about this trip.

We organize the entire trip so that you can enjoy the surrounding Wadi Ru desert.


We will spend the first night in the desert in a Bedouin camp, in stationary tents with beds inside. Accommodation during the trekking in front of the desert: we sleep in sleeping bags, on Bedouin blankets – under the open sky – like Bedouins. Accommodation will be organized in quiet places sheltered from the wind, in grottos, in natural hollows in the rocks.


We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the trip. Additional snacks during the day on your own. The local cuisine is not a particular challenge for our stomachs, everyone will find something for themselves, with vegetarian meals also no problem (please notify us in advance). Meals in the desert are simple but filling – baked bread, hummus, vegetables, rice, meat.


The optimal months for trekking are October / November and February / March when temperatures are lower, but not the lowest. Temperatures in the desert then reach around 18-25 degrees, which makes walking a pleasure. The temperature at night can drop to 4-15 degrees Celsius, but a sleeping bag and blankets are enough to provide yourself with thermal comfort at night.


The trekking route runs partly through sand dunes and partly surrounded by rocky terrain. You wear it early in the morning and late afternoon. Between the trekking stages, there is a lunch break and wait for the hottest part of the day. Most of the route is driven on hard, compacted sand – there is not much slushy sand. Apart from the ascent to Jabal Umm ad Dami, or other possibly mountains along the way, the elevations throughout the trek are very slight, imperceptible and can total max. 300 meters a day. The lack of a shower for several days may be a difficulty. In the middle of the trekking we will arrange a supply of extra water to take a “shower” in the desert.


Camels (dromedaries) are animals that have always been part of Bedouin life, Bedouins care for and respect these animals. Despite the use of camels for transport and tourism purposes, we can be sure that the animals are properly treated in accordance with the centuries-old experience and tradition of the local community. During our trip, 1 camel will be per person. The camel will transport luggage, and it will be possible to cover the trekking route on the camel’s back. There is no compulsion to ride a camel or even to drive it. The camels can be guided by the accompanying Bedouins, and the tour participant can simply walk the route.

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