Camel Ride | 3 hour


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Price Description: Price is per person.
Trip Duratation: : 3 hours
Paid in Delivery: You’ll pay the guide before your trip.
What’s Included: Bootlet water ( 0,5 l ), Guide.
Departure & Return: Pickup and drop-off to Wadi Rum village.
Departure Date and Time: Flexible ( contact with custumer after booking )
Cancellation Policy: Free Cancellation.



This Camel trek can be taken from Rum Village to the Camp or from the Camp to Rum Village. Ideal for people who are arriving in the afternoon and maybe want to do a full day Jeep tour the next day. This Camel trek is a good introduction to the desert. It can also be taken from the Camp to the Village and it is a nice way to bid farewell Wadi Rum slowly. The light in the afternoon and early morning is always very beautiful and changeable. If you take the trek in the morning you should finish in Rum Village by 11am. If you take the trek in the afternoon you should plan to arrive with at least 3 hours of daylight available. This trek includes a mounted guide.

At each stop you have the opportunity to hike, scramble, and explore in your own time & your own way:
1. Khazali Canyon This canyon was once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, in the hot summer. You can easily imagine how it would have looked with Bedouin tents, family’s resting, drinking tea, and children playing. You can find on the canyon walls many ancient rock inscriptions (See if you can spot the inscriptions of feet, and the Orynx). 15 minute hike
2. Small Rock Bridge This small rock bridge is easy to climb and rewards with a beautiful view across the valley. 10 minute scramble
3. House of Lawrence A Nabatean structure that Lawrence of Arabia according to hearsay he used during the Great Arab Revolution to store weapons. But without lingering on the possible academia of this site there is a wonderful view from here.. Archaeological interest/ viewpoint
4. Anfishieh Inscriptions Rock inscriptions of the Camel Caravans on the Anfishieh Jebel from the Thamudic and Nabatean periods. Inscriptions
5. Red Sand Dunes This area is very beautiful with many differing colours of rock and sand. You can climb up the sand dune for the wonderful view at the top. Then we like to jump off it & run down it (some silly people also like to roll down it!). 10/15 minute hike

Camels are a fascinating animal with a unique character. If not for Camels, Bedouin life in the Desert would have been impossible. Spending time travelling through the Desert is the epitome of the Bedouin experience. Camels are considered “ships” of the desert; they don’t sink in the deep red sand, they float across it carrying their riders safely over the dunes. Camel riding is the traditional Bedouin way to move around in the desert.

Camels are often referred to as “desert ships”. Camels were and still are a very important part of Bedouin life. Without them, long journeys across the desert in the past would have been impossible. For adventurous people, the Sleep under the Stars package with camels is a great way to immerse yourself in the old way of life. The pace and atmosphere of traveling by camel is very different to traveling by jeep. This is definitely an unforgettable experience.

• The full day and longer treks start in the morning (9-10am). The shorter treks can be taken at anytime and would usually start or finish in Rum Village.
• The short tours (3 hours and less) can be taken as a ‘add on’ to most other tours that we offer.
• All these tours are very flexible and can be taken as stated; with or without an overnight stay, or combined into a multiple day & night stay/s.
• As a general rule Camel guides speak less English than other guides (Hiking, Jeep Tour guides).

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